Name  Takenori SHIMOZONO           
Job title  Associate professor
Affiliation  Coastal Eng. Lab / Dept. of Civil Eng.
E-mail  shimozono(at)
Education  The University of Tokyo, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, April 2009
 The University of Tokyo, M.Eng., Civil Engineering, March 2005
 The University of Tokyo, B.Eng., Civil Engineering, March 2003
 The University of Tokyo,
   -Associate professor November, 2015 - present
   -Assistant professor April, 2013 - Octobar, 2015
 Delft University of Technology
   -Visiting researcher December, 2011 - August 2012
 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
   -Assistant Professor October, 2009 - 2013
   -Research Associate November 2006 - September, 2009
 The University of Tokyo,
   -Research Assistant April, 2005 - September 2006
Reserch interest  Wave modeling, Boundary layer theory,
 Sediment transport and beach deformation,   
 Coastal structures, Tsunami and storm surge prevention
Recent publicationt
  -Kennedy, A. B., Mori, N., Yasuda, T., Shimozono, T., Tomiczek, T., Donahue, A., ... & Imai, Y. (2017). Extreme block and boulder transport along a cliffed coastline (Calicoan Island, Philippines) during Super Typhoon Haiyan. Marine Geology, 383, 65-77.

 -Shimozono, T. (2016). Long wave propagation and run-up in converging bays. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 798, 457-484.
 -Shimozono, T., & Sato, S. (2016). Coastal vulnerability analysis during tsunami-induced levee overflow and breaching by a high-resolution flood model. Coastal Engineering, 107, 116-126.
 -Wu, L., Feng, D., Shimozono, T., & Okayasu, A. (2016). Laboratory Measurements of Sediment Flux and Bed Level Evolution in the Swash Zone. Coastal Engineering Journal, 58(02), 1650004.
 -Tajima, Y., Gunasekara, K. H., Shimozono, T., & Cruz, E. C. (2016). Study on locally varying inundation characteristics induced by Super Typhoon Haiyan. part 1: dynamic behavior of storm surge and waves around San Pedro Bay. Coastal Engineering Journal, 58(01), 1640002.
 -Tajima, Y., Shimozono, T., Gunasekara, K. H., & Cruz, E. C. (2016). Study on locally varying inundation characteristics induced by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Part 2: Deformation of storm waves on the beach with fringing reef along the East Coast of Eastern Samar. 
Coastal Engineering Journal, 58(01), 1640003.
 -Shimozono, T., Tajima, Y., Kennedy, A. B., Nobuoka, H., Sasaki, J., & Sato, S. (2015). Combined infragravity wave and sea‐swell runup over fringing reefs by super typhoon Haiyan. 
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 120(6), 4463-4486.

Course information Undergraduate Winter Fluid mechanics
Undergraduate(Junior Division) Summer Mechanics A
Graduate course Summer Coastal hydrodynamics E

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